Debt Recovery

We have extensive experience in delivering an efficient and effective debt recovery service, every time. We understand the need for businesses to ensure fluid cash flow.

Cognitive Law provides a service that helps your business collect unpaid debts as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We believe that no business should struggle to collect unpaid debts, and pride ourselves on our pro-active service which allows you to continue doing what you do best - running your business.

Having successfully assisted hundreds of businesses and individuals recover money owed to them, you can trust our quick and efficient service to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

To help take the stress out of debt recovery we offer a fixed fee service that enables you to gain maximum results whilst having total control over your expenditure.

The debt recovery process can be a complex and daunting experience to have to go through, so to make life a little easier for you we have put together a clear diagram to show you exactly how the debt recovery process works.

In an ideal world no business should have to enter into a debt recovery process, but unfortunately sometimes it is inevitable. However, putting an efficient credit management and credit control procedure in place should minimise the risk of this happening. Click here to download a free copy of our credit management policy

Debt Recovery Specialists

Lucy Tarrant
Solicitor & Managing Director
Francesca Damario
Paralegal and Legal Manager