Empowering our team to work in a new way

When Lucy and Stuart founded Cognitive Law in 2014 they wanted to create a firm that brought together the best of how law can be practised in a modern way. They capitalised on the changes in how law firms can be owned and managed, and created a flat operating structure that ensures accessibility by clients to their advisors and transparency in working practices and fees.

At the core of Cognitive Law are the relationships that foster outstanding levels of service. When engaging a Cognitive solicitor, a client chooses to work with an individual not a corporate firm. Our solicitors all offer a 1:1 service to their clients. This personal contact paves the way for open discussion, and a natural transparency in fees and the progress of a case.

As our solicitors are afforded the freedom to develop their own practice specialisms, clients can be assured of receiving finely tuned expert advice. Our solicitors deliver what they promise and strive to exceed expectations in every case. Feedback is actively sought and built back into the service offering. In this way we can ensure that our clients’ interests are at the forefront of our decision making.

Our solicitors take time to get to know their clients, their businesses and the world in which they operate. Every company differs from another, and so we will be guided by our clients as to what fee structure works for their business. Whether it’s a tailored fee structure with set fee limits, an on-going retainer or fixed costs, you can be sure you know where you stand at every stage of the case. For those clients opting to work with a retainer we provide mid-month reviews giving a client accurate knowledge of what capacity remains within that agreement. Our solicitors are always available to talk through aspects of a case “off the clock” and firmly believe there is no question not worth asking.

As the firm continues to grow organically it will not lose sight that its primary focus is on providing legal advice in such a way that adds sustainable value to our clients. With offices in Brighton and Liverpool, our Consultants offer legal advice to businesses and individuals from the South East to the North West, and anywhere in between.

At Cognitive Law we are creating our own traditions.

Our Team

Lucy Tarrant
Solicitor & Managing Director
Stuart Gillespie
Karen Blakesley
Sue Clements
Annabel Cole
Anthony Landes
Francesca Damario
Sian Farrington
Operations Manager
Darren Stone
Amy Pulling
Marketing Executive
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Cognitive Law Mission Statement

We are committed to providing high quality, personalised legal services, and exemplary client care across a range of legal sector

We will empower everyone to achieve their greatest individual potential

We aim to be an innovator in how clients interact with law firms

We enable true flexibility in our employees’, and consultants’, working lives

We foster a collegiate and mutually supportive working environment

We strive to be the first choice for solicitors and clients