Are You Cognitive?

Our solicitors are aspirational, passionate about working with, not just for, clients and in control of their personal career development. Using their business acumen and innate tenacity they deliver what they promise and more, every time.

Cognitive solicitors are leaders in their chosen field with demonstrable followings, who have the ability to inspire and build their practices.

A Cognitive solicitor believes hard work is an ethic and a value, when the hours put in are reflected in quality client relationships not just quantity of hours. By being direct and transparent, we reaffirm those relationships with clients and build trust.

Our solicitors are not afraid to ask questions of their clients or themselves and are always striving to think outside of boxes and traditional structures. This is true both in addressing clients’ needs and in planning their own career path.

Each of our solicitors is confident that their extensive experience (with on average a minimum of 10 years PQE) and expertise gives them a solid grounding, and now want to be part of something new. We are growing organically, welcoming solicitors looking to take back control of their career and return to the business of law, not managing a legal business.

For a further details of what a Consultant Solicitors job entails please click here.

How does Cognitive work?

Sometimes it’s not a question of work/life balance but work/life management. There are times when you need to spend more time in a particular area and the scales need to tip in that favour.

Often you know this is going to happen and can plan accordingly, others when you can’t. Cognitive Law affords you the flexibility to plan when and where you are, managing your client work as only you know how.

Being part of something new and perhaps stepping out of a comfort zone doesn’t mean going it alone. Cognitive Law’s mission is to facilitate our solicitors working within a framework that is without impediment.

We enable you to work in a self-employed capacity with full back office support by providing exceptional administrative and compliance support which makes fee earning as trouble free as possible.

We've got your back

Everyone needs a little help every now and then and we have the team and systems in place to offer support when you need it. Whether it’s admin, billing or paralegal assistance that’s required we’ll be there with the backing you need to do your best for your clients.

By operating a managed bench of paralegals who meet the Cognitive quality standard of service we are able to ensure that when you need the help it will be there. No more booking in time or queuing for assistance. Likewise, when additional administrative support is needed, direct access to a secretarial service can be arranged.

And then there’s the back office processes and procedures that our solicitors have the comfort of knowing are being taken care off. Cognitive Law arranges professional indemnity insurance, handles compliance management and can facilitate any training requirements. Our solicitors have the best of both worlds –the benefit of knowing that the details are being taken care of by working for a respected law firm but in control of their own practice.

The Financial Bit

Flexible billing targets and hourly rate brackets, Cognitive solicitors set their own charging structures appropriate to their clients.

Solicitors join on our industry leading fee sharing model from inception which recognises talent and rewards accordingly. Cognitive operates a fee sharing model that is designed to reward you incrementally on how well you perform. Earn up to 70% on all received fees.

With an increasing amount of work being completed to a fixed fee we can offer pricing strategy advice, giving solicitors the autonomy to determine an appropriate pricing of matters.

We reduce the risk of practising law independently by removing onerous overheads and putting in place financial controls and systems, such as self-billing, invoicing and credit control. No more financial reporting or fee forecasting except for yourself. You can be confident that the time spent working can be productively spent on practising law and servicing clients.

Cognitive Community

Our Cognitive community is made up of individuals who share a vision to work in a new way in delivering the very best in legal services to their clients.

As likeminded individuals we all thrive from having a sounding board and being part of a legal community. We may not all sit in the same office but we are all part of the Cognitive community online, virtually, and yes still in person, as we share, develop and grow professionally together. Collaborating to share resources, knowledge and referrals, our legal community grows in strength.

Just as we believe that every member of staff should be afforded the tools to manage work/life commitments we enable everyone to give back to the wider communities to which we all belong.

We are all part of a number of different communities, legal, families, schools, sports clubs which only thrive when as members we are able to actively contribute to their success. Cognitive Law encourages all members of staff to give something back where possible. We believe we are all part of one wider community and so enable our staff to get involved and make a difference.