Introducing Cognitive Flex – Bridging the gap to full consultancy

Cognitive Law was born with freedom in mind. The freedom to work when, where, and how you want.

To date, Cognitive’s consultant solicitors have all been self-employed. They all work totally independently to, but wholly supported by, Cognitive Law. They enjoy all the autonomy of being self-employed but with the back up of a law firm behind them.

However our research has shown that full blown self-employed consultancy is not for every solicitor – or at least not at first. Which is why we have introduced Cognitive Flex.

Cognitive Flex is a hybrid remuneration model offered by Cognitive Law, designed to bridge the gap between being an employed solicitor in private practice and being a self-employed consultant.

Cognitive Law wanted to tackle head on the perceived drawbacks to solicitors of launching a self-employed consultancy career. I know from my own experience what a huge step it is to take, launching oneself into full self employed consultancy.

I have always known and believed in the rewards of being a consultant – the higher income, the work-life balance, and the autonomy, to name but a few. However the risks haven’t been lost on me either– not being able to act immediately for your client following for fear of breaching any restrictive covenants; the fear of not having a guaranteed monthly income whilst still having guaranteed monthly outgoings; the fear of whether you can actually do it. In short, the fear of being self-employed.

I am therefore delighted that Cognitive Flex offers a hybrid solution to bridge the gap to full consultancy. Solicitors joining the firm can elect to join the Cognitive Flex model, and will receive a guaranteed monthly salary based on the proposed fee income in their business plan. Even better, they will have thresholds over which they will receive a fee share based on bills paid. After a year solicitors will be able to move on to the full consultancy model and start to enjoy earning 75% of their fee income.

I am confident that this hybrid model will attract high quality solicitors for whom making the immediate jump to self employed consultancy is not necessarily an option; but for whom it is definitely their goal.

For further information on joining the Cognitive team please take a look at our website or speak to me direct on 0333 400 4499 or email

By Lucy Tarrant